Olde Shire Live Action Role Play is a group dedicated to providing a more balanced, proficient, and family friendly LARP to the general public. Along with notes of fantasy, historically accurate content will be displayed for an educational experience as well as a game.

Olde Shire Timeline & Chronology
Set in the year 900 A.D.
During this time the country of Spain was divided into four Northern provinces of Leon, Castille, Navarre, and Aragon with the remainder of the Southern half of the country under Muslim (Moorish) rule. Prior to this time a number of the original inhabitants of Turkey and the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) had migrated north to what would later become the nations of Scotland and Ireland. Knowing this history of the land, Ordaño II of Leon issues orders to the army of Spain to sail north to the isle of Ireland and procure an alliance with the Native Celtic Tribes in hopes to build the ranks of the Spanish army to drive out Moorish rule in the Southern half of Spain.
At this same time Edward I of England is crowned king of the Anglo-Saxons, Britain, France, and Ireland (without the consent of the French or Irish People). Along with his newly appointed title(s) Edward I looks to Ireland to expand England’s Commonwealth, in hopes of detouring France from declaring war or the Norse from invading what is already theirs.
Once the flags of of Spain and England are set on the Irish coasts, the Celtic Tribes of Ireland become divided even more so than before, though now between three national causes. The Spanish cause of alliance for war in a land the Celts have never seen, the English cause of expansion for an addition to the British Commonwealth and protection, and the cause of their own for the defense of their country and way of life.
In the process Spain and England grant land and title to the chieftains of individual Celtic Tribes to insure their alliance or obedience and also to persuade them of the justification of their causes. Once the armies of Spain and England are made aware of the presence of each other, the policies of treaty between the Celtic Tribes become a race of arms for control of Ireland with the Celtic Tribes caught in the middle. In the midst of the array one portion of land is kept safeguarded in the heart of Ireland. The ancestral land known to the Celts as sean-bhaile in Irish, Antiguo Condado, in Español and Olde Shire in English.
This land of Olde Shire now serves as the land to defend for all three nations, and it is here that the legacies of those present are forged into legend.
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4 Comments Add yours

  1. angelasmagic says:

    Would love to join!! I live in Smithville MO please send me some info.✨


    1. eagleofspain says:

      Hello, Thank you so much for your interest! We would be glad to have you in our Game! If you would like more information in regards to our Game Backstory updates of events you can like our Facebook Page OldeShireLarp on Facebook. Also if you like the Page and use our Messenger, you can communicate more efficiently with me and my Co Director.

      Thank you again!
      Director of Olde Shire LARP
      Matthew A.


  2. Richard Rey says:

    Hi. I’m interested in larding but don’t know where to start. Any advice would be appreciated.


    1. eagleofspain says:

      Hello Richard, Thank you so much for your reply! If you would like some advice on how to get started LARPing you can contact our Facebook Page oldeshirelarp@facebook.com and message me directly. Also if you live in or near the southern Missouri area I would be honored to have you attend one of our events at Columbia Park in Park Hills, MO Every Sunday from 1-5 pm. Though currently we are Playing at Engler Park in Farmington, MO at the same times until our home park is re-opened. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

      Director of Olde Shire LARP
      -Matthew A.


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